I am a holistic psychotherapist, energy medicine practitioner, and healing coach, holding space with individuals, couples, and families for their own self-awareness, self-care and self-empowerment. I believe that we have a core, God-given knowledge of who we truly are but that we often need support and guidance to restore that divine knowing and inspiration. Life experiences, relationships, and trauma (small and large) cause us to lose that knowing. Counseling with honor, respect and care for your journey, I can help you come home to that knowing again. I can walk alongside you as you help yourself become who you want to be. That journey can be encouraging, insightful, and deeply transformational as you understand, honor and care for you.

I have an understanding of how mind-body-soul connections affect wellness and illness and offer that care with intention of your wholeness and well-being. There are many obstacles to wholeness: dis-ease; crisis; unresolved issues; long-standing feelings; depression; anxiety; dissatisfaction with yourself or life in general; and functioning out of obligation, shame, guilt, tradition or always putting others before yourself. Learning to honor your needs and care for yourself is not selfish; instead, it can lead to greater joy and freedom, allowing you to be more present and loving to yourself. That love and knowing will then overflow to others.

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