Women’s Wholeness Spiral

circle of wholeness

I am offering Women’s Wholeness Spirals, with the intent to explore our chakras’ relationship to disease/wellness, pathology and soul enfoldment and also to find harmony and wholeness of mind, body and spirit. Whether you are just beginning to explore these connections or have a foundation of understanding, this circle group is suitable for you. Participants are encouraged to explore their intuition and knowing about their health through wonderment and awareness. There will be teaching time, discussion time, and brief meditations to invite movement from head knowledge to heart knowledge, done in a spirit of acceptance, compassion, and non-judgment.

Dr. Christine Page’s “Frontiers of Health…from healing to wholeness” book will guide and challenge us to see our whole selves in a courageous, thought-provoking way. She combines authoritative medical knowledge with sensitive insight into the human condition. Her comprehensive, clear, and balanced approach to the concept of health may seem radical to some but can also awaken us to honor the amazing divine creation that we are….and thus bring about greater balance and healing within our whole beings. Her teaching is for all cultures and  religions. If you are even slightly open to new understandings, just being present will nudge your mind, body and soul toward greater wholeness.

Location is mostly at my home office at 41 Longenecker Road, Lititz, PA, but if you gather a group of eight or more women to meet at another location, I will consider that. Please contact me at zimmerman.peg@gmail.com, 717-813-2556, or on this website to register or to ask questions.


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