First and foremost, I delight in and honor my role as wife, mother of six, and grandmother of 12 grandchildren. I am honored to be on this journey of life with them. Each one of them has been a transformational mirror to me in my own journey.

My personal and professional experience has integrated the fields of psychotherapy, education and the healing of body, mind and soul. I see individuals in their wholeness and cooperate with them in exploring the connections between mind, body and soul that affect wellness and illness. I understand that grief- and trauma-related issues and attachment-based issues can affect the individual, their relationships and their life in general. We all have an attachment style that was formed in childhood but that can be transformed as an adult, thus revealing greater wholeness and love. Wounds happen in relationship and can only be healed in relationship. I offer a safe healing space for that to happen.

Offered independently or integrated in psychotherapy sessions, I offer Emotional Repatterning, a branch of Touch for Health muscle testing and balancing, as an avenue to increased wellness on all levels and as preventative and restorative health care.

I also offer adoption counseling. As an adoptive mother, I understand how adoption brings about change within the whole family system. I desire to walk alongside adopted children and their families as their family evolves, restructures and finds healing in becoming the family they want to be.

I enjoy outdoor activities…walking during all seasons, hiking, biking, and being in and by the ocean. I take pleasure in learning new things that stimulate my mind, soul and creative nature. I also enjoy cooking with an increased awareness of health and nutrition.


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