Emotional Repatterning

I am certified in emotional repatterning, another form of applied kinesiology, which is an established method of reading the balance of the body’s electrical system at any given moment. It can be integrated into psychotherapy, if you choose. I have found this non-invasive method to be a powerful, profound and yet simple way of allowing my clients to live with greater freedom from pain and stress behaviors on all levels. Also, it engages them in their own self-care, which has a flow-on effect in their personal lives as they learn how to listen to and honor their bodies, hearts and souls with compassion and non-judgment.
I understand the value of being seen, heard, known and cared for that’s embodied in traditional “talk therapy” and all healing arts. In addition, though, the connection between our hearts, souls, minds and body orchestrates deeper healing. Scientific research is confirming that our bodies store our memories. When muscle testing is done, we are tapping into that body/mind/soul wisdom.
I invite you to, what could be, a different way of looking at yourself and at energy. We have known that food is energy and that we consume that energy. We now know that we are made of energy…our cells, our organs, our DNA, our emotions/feelings, and our thoughts, to name a few. There’s currently an explosion of scientific research to support this.This knowing is foundational to the process of and the success of emotional repatterning. The client’s intention is what directs the healing energy and the balancing releases the blocked or reactive energetic pattern in relation to that issue. The changes that occur when the energetic pattern is released can manifest on the physical, mental, emotional, biochemical and spiritual levels.